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three. three. three stooges free. old free broadcast. media projects a free media. following the release of a controversial filmmaker. and diplomats rushed to the flames in the. states. to america's mideast policy is responsible for. once again people won't be.
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independent. and u.s. sanctions against iran are failing to train as a nation is dependent on the iranian crude a once again exempt from the measures. in the meantime we take you to the city of sochi in southern russia where the preparations for the twenty fourteen winter olympic games in full swing. it will be the middle of winter but come february twenty fourth teen one russian city will be the hottest destination in the world. tourists from across the globe will be heading to the black sea city of sochi for the start of the winter olympic games. more than ten billion dollars is being spent to prepare the ideas of the games will leave an economic
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cultural and environmental legacy that was just benefits sochi russia as a whole. and i wanted to see for myself things were taking shape. if you're heading down here in the summer. to travel. makes a very nice change to be able to travel around russia dress like this because here in the sub tropical south t. shirt and shorts is pretty much all you need i'm in sochi a city in europe the host of the twenty fourteen winter olympic. the city's coastline extends an amazing one hundred forty five kilometers along the black sea and i was going to need some local help to get to know it properly and who better. thank
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you very much my name is part. of france for the race. a man who likes his sunshine moved here several years ago from siberia and to see some significant changes take place. so. two thousand and seven. game. it must be almost a completely different city or so she said difference to you from yourself because . you know we have totally infrastructure we have. we have almost finished on the big when you can see the big coastal cluster where. we used and sometimes maybe you have a feeling that. the fear of there one night when you would be spending most of
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months on the around the olympic site but first i wanted to see more of the city itself and pavel was happy to give me a tool and a history lesson this looks like a wealthy man's playground around here this is such a scene for what. actually this place was one big swam it used to be the twentieth century and the native people living off in the mountains and because. they feared to step here here and so on the twentieth century. gursky has put here small fish which is. a mosquito yes. no mile area since nine hundred fifty no one was. so she's warm climate has led to a city full of lush greenery and even russia's most famous old bolshevik gets
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a tropical setting then in the monk the palm trees wonder if people would ever have such an exotic ceci. but much of the city's other old detection has a classical touch. this guy was called so with plastic you can see it looks like bath and and is widespread all over the idea was that people need to be held in. to rest in palaces so it's not like a real palace. it might be known internationally for being lympics but the decade sochi has been russia's favorite seaside resort. tourist still flock to the beaches here every summer and new hotels are popping up all over the place to cope with the expected increase in demand. you're always guaranteed to get
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down here boat speed the weather can be very unpredictable. you've got to be prepared for it. the record quick getaway. and this was no wooden restoril fortunately the almost black funnel stayed well out to sea but i was soaked and decided it might not be a bad idea to head away from the beaches and up into the mountains. you might think that a city on the sea would have all the fish that it could handle but it seems in sochi there's always room for a bowl and they've been phoning these beautiful rainbow trout. centuries. this is russia's largest trout foam with more than eighty hectares of land two
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hundred separate homes and some of the richest residents. still depend. on the good that. doesn't limit. the seven hundred to go. alongside the rainbow trout the farm also has pools full of flashing amber trout and the famous poet. see salmon would swim into mountain rivers to spawn that they can hardly be observed because they rushed to the surface snatch the food and dive to the bottom. they are just as trout. forty eight teeth in the form of hooks. there are teeth even on their tongues and gills. way should you let them buy two fingers right. stick your hands in
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there is the sound advice of their wounds will heal over only a couple of weeks later the form produces more than eight hundred tonnes of fish every year as his daily guided tours but if you're more of a four legged foreigner there's plenty of that nearby. you won't be able to ski up in the mountains at this time of year but it's still an amazing place to visit i'm standing right on the edge of his national reserve and i'm off to meet some of the local. aleksei has been running this sanctuary for more than a decade but the history of the reserve here dates back to the nine hundred twenty s. . the initial purpose was to preserve the bison but later the nature reserve was intrusted with broader functions to preserve other animals as well as the natural environment
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the nature reserve occupies an area of three hundred forty thousand hectares. these include links road deer and the famous bison as well as eagles and goats with some very impressive headgear bugs if you like to get up close and personal with the wildlife as one animal that's definitely the star of the show a little. oscar here is a male red deer. yeah. it's me. or will fly. and in return for a few carrots the red deer is more than happy to gracie with his presents a bit of a provence. says. apart from the friendly wildlife it's also impossible to notice the stunning
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mountains here in the nature reserve and climbing isn't the only way to enjoy them . easy. so we decided to ramp it up a notch this. trend in. about to literally explore its depths. the. canyon is a popular sport in sochi and combines hiking jumping and swimming and once we had all safety briefing it was time to get into the water. basically. through the cracks and any way you can take advantage of any handy rocks tree branches along the way.
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to. lovely stuff. has been leading groups here for more than ten years but i was happy to take a quick break and catch up with him. coming a little. bit because it's quite an intensive school and. what is special about this. is the best. because this is one of the. places where we learn. another legion ski is filled with spectacular scenery. he wasn't wrong about the jumping.
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exactly in this show. the first of. the whole route was a real adventure runaround an hour later. and a bit battered at the bottom. ladies. who. think just about everything exactly. but. looking forward to the sun. once a joyful it was time to head back into sochi to take advantage of the good weather and do a little highrise sightseeing now i'm a seaside town boy myself so i've been on the old fairground ride and see my stash here saw it entertainment but here in salt see the people are promising to combine
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the two to something rather spectacular. this is the grand opening of the largest ferris wheel in russia and eighty meter high monster to celebrate they've decided to have a massive multi-ethnic choir singing the national anthem on it well it certainly beats a ribbon cutting. the choir belted out there on thumb with gusto and if you don't mind a bit of a shaky ride the reward at the top is truly spectacular. motherhood to go through a quite ridiculously heavy rainstorm to get clear skies but i think. you were way.
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if you stay in the center of sochi you might never realise the scale of the building that's going on down in emirates in valley there may be peace and quiet here but the olympic coastal cluster has a very different story to limp excitement in miniature and this should give you an idea of just how close together it all is from the stadiums themselves to the
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infrastructure that surrounds them everything's within walking distance and it means that it's pretty easy for me to take it all the facilities this is the busiest construction site in the country with more than fifty thousand people working around the clock and i want to start off in its biggest stadium. this really is the jewel in the crown of the whole olympic project the site of the opening and closing ceremony it's a future world cup football stadium and a place where the all the unusual name right say or so this is the feast stadium it's not the fish stadium but fished the last letter t. ok you name up the mountain right. most beautiful mountain in the cars and that's why they call it the beast if you see that you have to watch. they are like moment and not far from the stadium easy to see here and
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you come to the site you see to know from the sea to them. alongside the feast there are five of the stadiums all within a few minutes walk the bolshoi stone and the shi'a where the hockey will be held the adler arena for speed skating the iceberg for figure skating the ice cube for curling. you see how cool the venue is our to each other we need five minutes to go from one venue to another bringing you the most of the olympic park in the world during the winter games for sure. because the territory is just two hundred fifty six picked hours and. everyone knows. this territory and that was of course one of the real unique selling point it's really unique you see winter games and you know the sea sure this is. here and ten to seventy. seven minutes. i
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walked into the iceberg arena to see how the interior was taking shape and it seems the workers here have everything under control even if they do have to work from some pretty precarious positions but that doesn't mean they're not looking for new recruits. well the games might still be a few months away but as you can see this is a project that's going to take some finishing i think they can probably use all the help they could get. and sorties transport infrastructure is also guessing a major overhaul. if you're going to invite the people of the world to your city you need to make sure that they can all get there and that is where this comes in sochi is new three hundred million dollars ports by twenty fourteen i think it could be processing up to four thousand
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people every hour. it's taken over two decades to get this airport running after initial building was abandoned back in one thousand nine hundred nine but new owners came in and transformed it and since may two thousand and ten. has been open for business direct to sergei says they're on track for the olympics. major of course it's already. normal. everything is in place but still we need to do something before the. major focus is not on their construction on all the efficient operation. the airport is a striking symbol of. but just outside the city is an area which has barely changed in the many it. is one of the highlights of the caucuses national reserve this unique subtropical forest which dates back ten to twelve million
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and the context of that history. is just a baby it's over a thousand years old and still alive and kicking. and there are plenty more where that one came from i'm headed to me to say to tell me all about them. the reserve staff aims to preserve oh listen enable visitors to come into contact with the wild in its natural state for years this place has remained intact trees here have neither been felled nor burned it will continue to preserve them. but even though she would never destroy bees trees the forces of nature have no such qualms . tree over there and probably fell down because of the wind or maybe because of an earthquake we are in an area where small earthquakes often happens just like summer when. it can be
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dangerous. for the today. aside from the natural places of interest there's also a manmade relic here that's left over from the dome pages. have scaled the fortress. i think that these walls date back to around about the seventh century a.d. and could have been built by the native people who used to inhabit this area was obviously used for defense but who actually built it nobody knows for sure. this may be the most spectacular piece of tropical sochi but it's far from the only part the climate here means that lush greenery flourishes almost everywhere and that includes the city center and i met up with pavel for the rest of my city too so this is a review our park which was. nineteenth century by mr hooper fresh and i reached
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the crowds who wanted to make wine. and so all this territory was grown. with grapes you know for wine and he has found that the grapes are to exit from wine are to say that you know yes and here scott's all the grapes and he has put here tropical trees which so this is mr hooper and this is where we have this problem yes that's why. puddles work for the upcoming games has already seen him take part in almost a dozen different major events but it seems he fell into its rather gunshots why did you decide to become a woman. actually i. didn't know one of the volunteers and i was strolling the place where they were from like this and my
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friends asked me to go there and they didn't know what was going on when i came there and i understand finally that i am a woman here my first two rounds. of this event and this was the thing which has changed my wife and. now i can't imagine my life without won't you know. sort of a very positive accident you have. and with such a glowing recommendation i wanted to find out what pavel's program was all about ok james now i'm going to take you to a place where you will become a real fantastic volunteer sent. all the participants here a young intelligent and speak at least one foreign language. when they're working they're supposed to personify the limbic ideal of excellence friendship and respect for. the friendship you enjoy in the other groups as well.
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roleplaying gives the volunteers a chance to bond but also an opportunity to practice the situations they might encounter on the job including some very demanding customers imagine this is brooke this is your world this is in for desk and this is a sign we have no tickets no where we big no no i'd like to ski jumping please oh i'm very sorry but we had no tickets. and should have been kind of. sorry this pick and wish you. well with this was a we did. ask my colleague ok with that kind of self control you'd certainly want pavel on your team ice cold. i think you're right with this you know
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absolutely. so she knows that hospitality is all important and with hundreds of thousands of visitors expected in twenty fourteen the city is working towards becoming accessible for all. alongside the winter olympics sochi is also hosting the twenty four team power and then pick games and then. some significant changes for the city's disabled. a few years ago buses like this didn't exist in sochi. but thanks to the games and campaigns from people like the leg more and more disabled facilities are being put into place. the leg. of what we're doing is helping as experts helping the administration to tackle some
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of those many important issues when we give advice we advise on where something should be built how to avoid more mistakes. that includes being able to take advantage of one of sorties most simple pleasures a day at the beach and we met up with the legs friend rima to see what's been done and what's still going on. but it's these tracks they've been around for more than three years. there are many facilities on the beach and they've given disabled people much easier actually cafes to restaurants and other places. and. more and more beaches are expected to be made available in the same way as each season passes. and fortunately it's just as easy to get off the sands as it is to get on them. one of the other great things about
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these facilities is that when the weather changes on a sixpence it does a little too often here it means that everybody is able to get under cover before the storm breaks so i'm going to go with these guys see if we can keep dry. whatever the weather sochi is a city that's built for tourism and the pact with souvenir shops and a whole variety of entertainment. you might spend your summer days sleeping on the beach in sochi but once the sun goes down here the city wakes up. balmy some annoying plenty of high spirited holiday makers i mean this is a city that goes twenty four hours a day and if you're looking to check out the local music scene you won't be short of options. leave russia's biggest
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seaside resort without checking out the nightlife reliably informed that this place . what a lot later on. do with it. please. a multitude of ingredients later very colorful drink was ready i didn't see exactly what went into it but this is the look the part. of us bright blue with blue cherry. terribly manly but it is quite something. the drinks might be very modern for the music here is pure old fashioned rock n roll bands like the cocktails laughs i don't. normally be heading
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home to most school around now but there's so much more going on in and around sochi but i'm going to stay on to find out more about russia's lympics city and its region and quite frankly there are far worse places to spend your summer.
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